Are you on a …?

  • On Holiday or Business Trip?
  • Change of Residence?
  • Living or working abroad?

Do you need a...

(Málaga - Costa del Sol)

To facilitate your life and to help you when you need it
Make the difference!

Personal Translator & Language Assistance:

  • Documentations: NIE, Tax documents, legal or Insurance,
    Driving Licence renewal, etc
  • Medical Services: G.P., Specialists, dentist, health care, hospital, etc
  • Utilities: To set up and sort out services with suppliers (electricity, watter, etc…)
    *Depending on the case, we go with you or  we can act on your behalf. Just from 50€/half day !

Professional Coordinator  & Translator Assistance:

  • Business meeting: To help you and avoid las minute problems.
  • Negotiations: To facilitate the communication during interviews. To ensure a fluid and profitable time.
  • Conferences Room: Seminars, venus, hotels, any change or update of information, etc. 
    *Check for conditions in each case.

To contract a Regular Service:
By hours per day, for a period of time, etc... (week/s, month/s,...,permanently)
*Please send request. Agreements under "convenient" conditions.

Secretarial Services - Virtual Assistant 

  • Call management 
  • Typing (manuals, letters, reports, businesses documents, presentations, advertising, ...) 
  • Word and Data processing 
  • Contact Administration 
  • Agenda (online) 
  • Appointments 
  • Email management, etc....



DKV Insurance. Agent No.  27/1363
Hight level to meet your needs!
Health, Funeral & Repatriation,  Home
Life & Protettion and Accident.  
Ask for quotation!