Interpretation - Translations - Revisions of translations

No project is too big or too small!

The rates depend on various factors: subject, specialization level, languages, text's length, delivery date, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me in order to get a free quote on your project.

PROPERTY ADMINISTRATORS. Agreements to provide a translation service for Community of Owners in Marbella, Malaga,Torremolinos.... Check conditions as needed. Find Translation specializes in language services to communities in Malaga, Marbella and Costa del Sol with owners of different nationalities which need to offer a service of simultaneous and documental translation at meetings held, documents, account statements, notices, minutes, etc. ..

To contract a Regular Service:

By hours per day, for a period of time, etc... (week/s, month/s,...,permanently)
*Please send request. Agreements under "convenient" conditions.

Secretarial Services - Virtual Assistant 

  • Call management 
  • Typing (manuals, letters, reports, businesses documents, presentations, advertising, ...) 
  • Word and Data processing 
  • Contact Administration 
  • Agenda (online) 
  • Appointments 
  • Email management, etc....



  •  Telephone and Face-to-Face Interpreting;
  •  Business meetings;
  •  Local Government services;
  •  Medical appointments;
  •  Customer services;
  •  Private meetings.

Translations and revisions of translations

  • Business emails & negotiations;
  • Documents (certified translation);
  • Literary texts and promotional material;
  • Marketing texts and promotional material;
  • Web sites;
  • Audiovisual material (subtitles, transcription);
  • Technical texts;
  • General texts;


Field & Types of documents (examples) 
  • Health Care:
    Informed Consent Forms for Clinical Trials, Research studies, Health insurance documents and forms, Certificates, Expert Reports, Medical Records.
  • Legal:
    Court files and records, expert reports, legal certificates, documents for immigration.
  • Immigration:
    Translation of personal documents for Visa and Residence Applications, Corporate documents for L1 Visas, documents for Political Asylum
  • Business:
    Contracts, bids, insurance policies, corporate deeds, regulations, financial statements, human resources documentation, business plans, employee handbooks
  • Information Technology:
    User manuals, e-learning courses, software, applications.
  • Technical:
    Equipment specs, user manuals, engineering
  • Advertising:
    Creative translation tailored to the Hispanic/Latino culture for the Advertising Industry