Find Translation is a translation service provider based in Malaga, Spain. It is run by Maribel Muñoz with the collaboration of a selected group of English, Spanish and French speaking professionals.  

It´s aim is to provide a wide range of translation and interpreting services between English, Spanish and French, and serve individual customers, companies and publishing houses.

At Find Translation we are passionate about languages and cultures. That is why we perceive translation not as a mere change of linguistic codes but as an act that requires 'translating the culture' too. Only then can we speak about overcoming 'language barriers'.

Maribel Muñoz is a Spanish translator and interpreter who has worked for customers mainly from Europe, Asia and Africa, which include Ireland where she lived for 5 years, UK, Spain, France and Sweden.

Living and working in Spain, with regular visits to Ireland, among others, has enabled her to gain rich cross-cultural experiences related to the languages in which Find Translation specialises.